Programme information

Our meeting points are located in Compatsch and Ritsch. 

The children's courses take place if the declared minimum number of participants of each group course is reached. The courses take place from Sunday to Friday (daily during Christmas holidays).

The adult courses take place when the minimum number of participants is reached (min. 5 people). The courses take place from Sunday to Thursday (daily during Christmas holidays).

The duration of group courses varies from 1-6 days. The course for beginners starts on Sunday or Monday. Advanced skiers can join a course on any day. All courses can also be booked for only one or more days.

Yes. We have 2 practice areas, which are reserved for our course participants.

The course days should be consecutive, because the other participants continue with the programme and learn something new every day. 

Due to organisational reasons it is unfortunately not possible to book a group course with a certain instructor.

Yes. The group assignment for all course participants is done in the immediate vicinity of each other on our exercise slope and all courses end at the meeting point. Furthermore, children are looked after until the parents pick them up!


All new participants meet at the meeting point at the practice area. Beginners who booked a children's course meet at the yellow flag, beginners who booked an adult course meet at the light blue flag and snowboard beginners meet at the purple flag.

Advanced participants also meet at the entry to the practice area and are grouped based on a short presentation of their skills. The many regular course participants know this procedure already. If the assigned group should not seem to be appropriate, you can of course change the group any time. Please talk to the group instructor and he will organise the change to another group.

Grouping of children is mainly based on the skiing skills, the age and the language of children. If your children or your friend's children are at the same skill level, please inform us during registration or inform the technical manager during the grouping phase on the first day, and we will try our best to put them into the same group! If the children are not at the same skill level, the child who skis better would have to join a lower skill group to meet the requirements of the weaker child!

During registration it is very important to know your own skill level. You should consider yourself to be a "beginner" if you have never tried to ski or snowboard before. If you have already tried this experience, even if only a few times, you should consider yourself advanced. Of course we will check your skill on-site to make sure you are allocated to a group suitable to your skill level.

The number of participants depends on the course type. You'll find more infos in the course programs.

In order to be able to make the course groups as homogenous and small as possible it is recommended to register in due time online or by e-mail. If there are still free places in the ongoing courses, you can of course also register on-site. 

A first familiarisation with skiing can occur very early, once children show an interest in the sport. Lessons only make sense once the children are ready to leave their parents for the duration of the course and when they are ready to listen to the instructor. Private lessons and group courses can be recommended from age 3 approximately.

Snowboard equipment is available for children from 5 years. However, not every child can start to snowboard at age 5. At this age it is important to reliably evaluate the child and to find out if it is the right time yet. It is important that children show a maturity in balance, which is normally the case from age 6.

Parents are welcome to watch their children during the ski lessons, but the lessons should not be disturbed by the presence of the parents. Often it is much better for children if the parents are not directly in the practice area, so the children can fully concentrate on learning to ski. 

In the Ski Kindergarten and in the Kindergarten children are also looked after during lunch time. Lunch care is also possible for course participants on individual days only and for a fee.

Yes. The ski instructor or the staff can support children. 

Yes. A final race for the children's courses takes place every Friday. There is no final race for adult ski courses or snowboard courses.

For beginner children the rule should be chest height, for advanced skiers shoulder or nose height. For adults the length of the skis strongly depends on the use of the skis. The length for allround carving skis can vary from shoulder to eye-height. The skis can be shorter for beginners.

Anytime. Private lessons are offered during the whole winter season daily from 8.30 am to 5 pm.

The earlier, the better! Private instructors should be booked in advance, otherwise the instructor might not be available on the desired day or hour.

All of our instructors speak German and Italian; most of them also speak English and some also speak French and Spanish.

Beginners do not need a ski pass for the first or second day. For the other days you should purchase a point card; the instructor will however inform you about the best option. Children up to 8 years (born after 30/11/2011) receive a free ski pass if one adult family member per child purchases a ski pass for the same period. One child per parent can receive a free ski pass.

No. The rental equipment is not included in the course fee.


No. The lift costs are not included in the course fee.

Vouchers are available in our Online Shop

Opening times and sites

If there is sufficient snow the courses start on the 4th December 2020.


The course season ends when the cable cars and the ski resort close on the 11st of April 2021.

The main office is located at Alpe di Siusi below the mountain station of the Siusi-Alpe di Siusi cable cars; another office is located in Ritsch (cross-country ski centre), at the valley station of the cable cars and in Castelrotto in front of the elementary school.

open offices

Rental and eqiupment

The equipment can be rented from our partner rental shop, where you will also get informed about the relevant fees:

In Italy wearing a helmet is obligatory up to the age of 14. We recommend however, that you wear a helmet even if you are older than the legal age.

General questions

If you get sick during a course, on production of a medical certificate by our local tourist doctor you will get a voucher for the remaining course days (valid for 1 year). The course fees will not be refunded however. We therefore recommend purchasing Travel Cancellation Insurance. Such insurance is offered by the ski school.

Yes, we have several Family reductions. For further information on reductions please ask in our offices.

Yes. We accept Visa, Mastercard, EC Card and cash. We do not accept Diners and American Express.

Winter sports are outdoor sports! We believe that there is no bad weather, but only bad clothing… In case of snowfall skiing is often even more fun than when the sun shines. 

Alpe di Siusi offers the ideal terrain, hence there is only little snow required to groom the slopes. However, our ski resort features the most modern snow machines, and is therefore one of the most snow-safe ski resorts of all.