History of the Seiseralm Skischool

The beginnings go way back in the past…

The Seiseralm ski resort is one of the most modern ski resorts in South Tyrol. Since the new cable car was built, it has  become even easier to quickly get to the slopes.

But skiing at this high-alpine pasture had its beginnings in the 1930s. In those days, skiing equipment consisted of heavy wooden skis and ski poles, tough leather shoes, telemark bindings and gaiters. Skiing lessons were mostly held by experienced local boys. The techniques taught to learners included schuss, telemark, snowplough and stem turns and jumps. Mid-morning lessons would be followed by afternoon excursions to terrain covered in thick snow. The ski instructor led the way, laying the trail. Before anyone could ski down the mountain, it had to be climbed first.

The boom for the winter sports centre began when the road to Seiseralm was opened and skiers could be transported up to the ridge by sled. The war put a  temporary stop to all that. Only after the end of the war did people very slowly dare to make a new beginning. One of the pioneers was ski guide Hans Steger, who had settled on the Seiseralm with his wife, Paula Wiesinger, one of the best Alpine skiers in the 1930s. Other ski instructors who had previously been employed in various hotels joined them and they now started their own businesses.

And so in 1956, Karl Schöpf, Ernst Bertholdi and Richard Bernard founded the Seiseralm Skischool. Many things have changed since. Winter tourism enjoyed a real boom during the following years. Suddenly, locals wanting to ski outnumbered the tourists. The Seiseralm ski region was further developed, with new ski lifts being realised and existing ones being expanded and improved. For the skischool, it was always a major challenge to meet the new demands and constantly growing numbers of visitors to the slopes with professionalism.

At present, a team of 80 ski instructors is employed by the Skischool. Beginners’ and advanced courses for children and adults are offered in Alpine skiing, carving, telemark, snowboarding and cross country skiing. Snowshoe hiking and cross country hikes in powder snow as well as ski tours take you into the surrounding mountain world.